The GRN player

Listen to the gospel in most languages ​​at a glance.

Presentation of the GRN player

Package contents

Presentation of the GRN player
  1. The GRN player mp3 player including a micro-SD memory card with the chosen configuration
  2. A label with the numbers to enter to access each record
  3. A USB cable to recharge the internal battery
  4. A notice

1. The GRN player

Standard internal rechargeable battery.
Recharging by micro-USB cable (like phone).

2. The micro SD card

Included in the player.
Contains the chosen configuration (the recordings)

3. The label

List the available messages of a configuration

How it works

  • The reader contains a configuration with a choice of languages ​​(by default, common languages ​​of migrants)
  • The messages are grouped by language categories (left column)
  • Enter the number of the program to be read

Label - GRN Messages

  • The top lines list GRN recordings
  • The GRN “Good News” message typically offered is a 40-sequence overview of the Bible. A small optional picture book allows you to follow (turn the page at the beep)
  • Some GRN messages (in red) are of a different type which is indicated by a code. WOL: compilation of short messages, LLL: the Bible in 8 series, TLC: the living Christ (gospels)

Label - Bible parts

  • The 3 bottom lines provide access to biblical texts
  • "Gospel Matthew" line: only the gospel
  • "Bible" line: The New Testaments
  • "Value to add NT": INCREMENT specific to each book (whatever the language)

Navigation buttons

  • The buttons to switch from track to track allow you to manually change the image (or chapter)
  • long press on previous / next buttons = rewind and fast forward within a track
  • Pause (play / pause button) when sound is not needed

Good practices

  • Wait for the player to start before entering a number
  • Enter the digits of the track number quickly enough
  • The track number is displayed for 3s, then the elapsed time in the track
  • If you want to occasionally listen to a message that is not on the card: do not remove it, copy the mp3 file (s) to a USB stick and insert it, playback will switch automatically.

Navigating a New Testament

  • Enter the BASE number of a language indicated on the "Bible" line to get to Matthew 1.
  • You just need to add an INCREMENT to access a given book (last line of the label)
  • Mc:+29 Lc:+45 Jn:+69... = short codes of the biblical book, followed by the corresponding INCREMENT. (The Bible books are listed in the usual order)
  • For the Gospel of Matthew there is no INCREMENT to add (just the chapter)
  • Example, the French NT has for BASE 3400.
BASE (3400)
Beginning of the New Testament (Matthew) in the chosen language.
number + 1 to 28
The corresponding chapter in Matthew's Gospel (3405 = sermon on the mount)
BASE + 29=3429
Mark 1 (Mc: +29 → INCREMENT of 29)
BASE+45 (3445), BASE+69 (3469)...
Luke 1, John 1,... (BASE + INCREMENT)
John 20 (add 19 to John 1)
BASE+239 (3639)
Revelation 1
BASE+300 (3700)
New Testament in the next language.