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General Country Data
Major Religions
Christianity Segments
Region West and Central Africa     Buddhism 0.0 %   Anglican 0.0 %
Population 15,187,000 Peoples population sum   Christianity 19.1 %   Independent 2.1 %
Population Growth Rate 2.68 % Operation World 2001      (Evangelical 8.3 %)     Orthodox 0.0 %
# People Groups 79     Ethnic Religions 28.0 %   Protestant 42.1 %
# Unreached People Groups 28 (35% of all groups)     Hinduism 0.0 %   Roman Catholic 55.5 %
Primary National Language French     Islam 52.0 %   Other 0.3 %
10/40 Window Yes 10/40 Window map   Non-Religious 0.7 %  
(Evangelicals distributed across Christianity segments)
Development Status Low Low-Medium-High (UN)   Other / Small 0.0 %  
Human Development Index 0.317 0=low to 1=high (UN)   Unknown 0.0 %    
Persecution Ranking Not ranked 1=high to 50=low (OD)  
Country Progress Level 3.2      
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(Country religion data is summation of peoples religion data)
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People Groups
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Population % Evangel % Adherent Least Reached Progress Scale Primary Religion Primary Language Pho Map Txt
Bambara, Bamanakan4,1001.80 %4.00 %Y1.2 IslamBamanankan
Bariba16,0003.90 %10.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsBaatonum
Berber, Arabized16,0000.04 %0.04 %Y1.2 IslamArabic, Algerian Spoken
Biali, Bialaba2,5004.70 %8.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsBiali
Birifor, Northern169,0006.00 %16.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsBirifor, Malba
Ble, Jalkunan1,3000.20 %5.00 %Y1.2 IslamJalkunan
Bobo Fing52,00012.50 %27.00 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsKonabere
Bobo Madare398,0000.01 %0.02 %Y1.2 IslamBobo Madare, Southern
Bolon23,0001.45 %3.00 %Y1.2 IslamBolon
Bomu, Bwa, Red Bobo93,00012.00 %28.00 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsBomu
Bozo, Tieyaxo2,5000.00 %0.00 %Y1.1 IslamBozo, Tieyaxo
British6070.00 %3.2 ChristianityEnglish
Buamu238,00014.00 %33.00 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsBuamu
Busansi, Bissa460,00011.00 %25.00 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsBissa
Bwamu, Laa Laa88,00014.00 %28.30 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsBwamu, Laa Laa
Bwamu, Twi31,00014.00 %28.30 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsBwamu, Cwi
Dagaari Dioula, Wala28,0000.06 %0.10 %Y1.2 IslamDagaari Dioula
Dagara410,0000.01 %25.00 %2.2 Ethnic ReligionsDagara, Northern
DeafUnknown8.00 %18.36 %3.2 UnknownLanguage Unknown
Dogon, Jamsay17,0006.50 %21.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsDogon, Tomo Kan
Dogose, Doghosie33,0001.00 %5.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsDogose
Dogoso12,0001.00 %5.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsDogoso
Dyan, Dian23,0005.00 %10.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsDyan
Dzuun, Samogo19,0000.10 %Y1.2 IslamDzuungoo
English-Speaking, generic60032.00 %80.00 %4.2 ChristianityEnglish
Ewe29,00012.00 %80.00 %4.1 ChristianityEwe
French6,8000.70 %72.00 %2.2 ChristianityFrench
Fulani, Gorgal5,8000.10 %0.10 %Y1.2 IslamFulfulde, Western Niger
Fulani, Gurmanche878,0000.20 %0.70 %Y1.2 IslamFulfulde, Western Niger
Fulani, Jelgooji293,0000.07 %0.10 %Y1.2 IslamFulfulde, Western Niger
Fulani, Maasina7,1000.15 %0.20 %Y1.2 IslamFulfulde, Maasina
Gouin, Cerma102,0007.50 %14.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsCerma
Gurenne, Ninkare, Frafra41,0002.50 %6.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsFarefare
Gurma, Bigulimanceba789,0007.00 %15.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsGourmanchema
Hausa2,2000.10 %0.10 %Y1.2 IslamHausa
Jotoni, Jowulu1,1001.60 %3.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsJowulu
Jula, Dyula274,0000.02 %0.02 %Y1.2 IslamJula
Kaan, Gan10,0004.00 %6.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsKaansa
Karaboro, Eastern52,0002.90 %10.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsKaraboro, Eastern
Karaboro, Western49,0002.00 %4.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsKaraboro, Western
Kasem, Kasena163,0008.50 %12.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsKasem
Khe2,6001.50 %3.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsKhe
Khisa, Komono5,0004.00 %5.00 %3.1 IslamKhisa
Kolsi, Ko, Winye26,0004.50 %8.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsWinye
Kurumfe, Fulse234,0007.00 %13.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsKoromfe
Kusaal, Western23,0002.90 %10.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsKusaal
Lela, Lyele215,0004.80 %14.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsLyele
Lobi, Lobiri474,0002.00 %5.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsLobi
Maninka, Malinke122,0001.20 %1.50 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsManinkakan, Eastern
Marka, Dafing217,0005.50 %14.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsMarka
Moba, Moab2,9002.70 %7.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsMoba
Mossi, Moore7,663,00012.00 % 26.00 % 4.1 IslamMoore
Natioro, Natyoro4,0001.60 %5.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsNatioro
Nuna, Nuni81,0006.00 %16.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsNuni, Northern
Nuna, Nunuma214,0008.00 %18.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsNuni, Southern
Pana, Sama6,8000.40 %4.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsPana
Pwo, Pwe18,0004.20 %7.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsPhuie
Samo, Kalemse, Samoma19,0001.40 %10.00 %2.2 Ethnic ReligionsKalamse
Samo, Maya, Sanan-Bangass50,0009.50 %20.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsSamo, Maya
Samo, Northwestern, Samo 155,0008.70 %20.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsSamo, Matya
Samo, Southern, Sanan-Tom115,0009.50 %20.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsSamo, Southern
Seemogo20,00012.00 %25.00 %4.1 Ethnic ReligionsSeeku
Senoufo, Central46,0003.00 %8.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsSenoufo, Sicite
Senoufo, Nanerige98,0002.80 %10.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsSenoufo, Nanerige
Senoufo, Niangolo74,0001.55 %8.00 %2.2 Ethnic ReligionsSenoufo, Senara
Siamou, Seme26,0001.00 %6.00 %2.2 Ethnic ReligionsSiamou
Sininkere, Silanke7,9004.50 %6.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsSininkere
Sissala22,00010.00 %16.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsSissala
Songhai-Humburi Senni164,0000.18 %0.40 %Y1.2 IslamSonghay
Tenbo, Loron3,0000.50 %3.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsTeen
Tiefo20,0004.50 %6.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsTiefo
Toussian, Northern29,0002.70 %5.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsToussian, Northern
Toussian, Southern29,0003.80 %8.00 %3.1 Ethnic ReligionsToussian, Southern
Tuareg, Tamacheq40,0000.08 %0.08 %Y1.2 IslamTamasheq
Turka, Tyurama50,0009.00 %12.00 %3.2 Ethnic ReligionsTurka
Vige, Viemo11,0001.40 %5.00 %Y1.2 Ethnic ReligionsViemo
Wara7,0000.60 %7.00 %2.2 Ethnic ReligionsWara
Yoruba53,0007.50 %45.00 %3.2 IslamYoruba
Zerma, Dyerma1,1000.20 %0.20 %Y1.2 IslamZarma
Total People Groups:   7915,187,000283.2 435033
Unclassified / Other Individuals26,000
UN Country Population (2008)15,213,000
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* Notes:
  • Joshua Project does not have specific ministry activity data supporting the "Other Progress Indicators."
  • Significant effort is made to match photos with people groups. In most cases the photo source has identified the people group. However, in some instances when the exact people group is not identified Joshua Project has made educated attempts at matching. As a result some photos may be representative of the people cluster rather than the specific people group or possibly incorrectly matched altogether. Mismatches are the fault of Joshua Project, not the photographer.
    Please contact us if you believe a photo is not matched with the correct people group.
  • Discrepancies may exist between "Other Progress Indicators" because of the varying sources of information.
  • Percentages may be printed as '0.00%' because of space limitations, but some are slightly greater than zero.
  • The exactness of the above numbers can be misleading. Numbers can vary by several percentage points or more.
  • People group population figures are now maintained as a percentage of the national population. Click here for details.
  • Joshua Project does not know the exact content of web audio recordings. In general they are Bible reading and teaching.
  • As on-site realities are understood, barriers of acceptance may be found in many of the larger people groups that will require multiple distinct church planting efforts.
  • This data contains errors and needs continual correcting and updating. Click here to send feedback.
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