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Jaan Joore Mole
Moose More Moshi
Mossi Ouagadougou Saremd鼯td>
Taolend鼯td> Timbou Yaadr鼯td>
Yaan Yaande Yam
Yan Yana Yanga
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Moore Speaking Peoples
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People Groups
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Country Language Type Speakers % Evangel % Adherent Least Reached Progress Scale Primary Religion Pho Map Txt
Mossi, Moore Benin Primary 30,000 9.00 % 35.00 % 3.2 Islam
Mossi, Moore Burkina Faso Primary 7,663,000 12.00 % 26.00 % 4.1 Islam
Mossi, Moore Cote d'Ivoire Primary 2,339,000 17.00 % 3.1 Ethnic Religions
Mossi, Moore France Primary 62,000 55.00 % 3.2 Christianity
Mossi, Moore Ghana Primary 343,000 12.50 % 21.00 % 4.1 Ethnic Religions
Mossi, Moore Mali Primary 31,000 0.00 % 7.60 % 2.1 Ethnic Religions
Mossi, Moore Niger Primary 123,000 8.00 % 3.1 Ethnic Religions
Mossi, Moore Senegal Primary 35,000 17.00 % 3.1 Ethnic Religions
Mossi, Moore Togo Primary 33,000 17.00 % 2.1 Ethnic Religions
Totals:    9 Peoples-by-Country speak this Language: (9 Primary / 0 Secondary) 0 9 1 0
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* Notes:
  • Joshua Project does not have specific ministry activity data supporting the "Other Progress Indicators."
  • Significant effort is made to match photos with people groups. In most cases the photo source has identified the people group. However, in some instances when the exact people group is not identified Joshua Project has made educated attempts at matching. As a result some photos may be representative of the people cluster rather than the specific people group or possibly incorrectly matched altogether. Mismatches are the fault of Joshua Project, not the photographer.
    Please contact us if you believe a photo is not matched with the correct people group.
  • Discrepancies may exist between "Other Progress Indicators" because of the varying sources of information.
  • Percentages may be printed as '0.00%' because of space limitations, but some are slightly greater than zero.
  • The exactness of the above numbers can be misleading. Numbers can vary by several percentage points or more.
  • People group population figures are now maintained as a percentage of the national population. Click here for details.
  • Joshua Project does not know the exact content of web audio recordings. In general they are Bible reading and teaching.
  • As on-site realities are understood, barriers of acceptance may be found in many of the larger people groups that will require multiple distinct church planting efforts.
  • This data contains errors and needs continual correcting and updating. Click here to send feedback.
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