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Words of Life - YANA

Program number: C29730

Language: YANA

Program Title: Words of Life

Program Type: The "Words of Life" audio gospel messages

Length: 43 minutes

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Part Title Type Length
A The Creation and Fall Message 03:26
A The Only God Message 03:44
A Sin, What is it? Message 04:30
A Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Message 01:49
A Can God Forgive Sin? Message 04:32
A We are Strangers Song 01:32
A The Lamb of God Message 02:53
B The Death of Christ Message 04:20
B A Pure Heart Message 03:37
B Your Choice Message 03:19
B You Can't Sevve Two Masters Message 01:38
B The Return of Christ Message 02:01
B The Return of Jesus Christ Song 02:48
B Everyone Must Stand Before God Message 02:09

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